If you are a broker, bank, or other nominee that purchased or otherwise acquired an interest in any Certificates issued in any of the following six (6) NovaStar Mortgage Funding Trust Offerings before May 21, 2008: Series 2006-3, Series 2006-4, Series 2006-5, Series 2006-6, Series 2007-1, and Series 2007-2, for the beneficial interest of a person or entity other than yourself then you are requested promptly to send the Notice and Proof of Claim form (“Notice Packet”) to all your beneficial owners. To do so, you may either:

  1. Provide the Claims Administrator with the names and addresses of such beneficial owners; or
  2. Send copies of the Notice Packet to all beneficial owners by first-class mail and provide the Claims Administrator with written confirmation of having done so.

You are entitled to the reimbursement of reasonable expenses actually incurred in connection with the research of records and (1) the generating of labels or electronic media or (2) the mailing of the Notice Packet, after submission to the Claims Administrator of a written request, together with appropriate supporting documentation.

The eligible CUSIPs for this Action are below:


A-1A 66988WAA4
A-2A 66988WAB2
A-2B 66988WAC0
A-2C 66988WAD8
A-2D 66988WAE6
M-1 66988WAF3
M-2 66988WAG1
M-3 66988WAH9
M-4 66988WAJ5
M-5 66988WAK2
M-6 66988WAL0
M-7 66988WAM8
M-8 66988WAN6
M-9 66988WAP1
M-10 66988WAQ9


A-1A 66988XAN4
A-2A 66988XAA2
A-2B 66988XAB0
A-2C 66988XAC8
A-2D 66988XAD6
M-1 66988XAE4
M-2 66988XAF1
M-3 66988XAG9
M-4 66988XAH7
M-5 66988XAJ3
M-6 66988XAK0
M-7 66988XAP9
M-8 66988XAL8
M-9 66988XAM6


A-1A 66988YAA0
A-2A 66988YAB8
A-2B 66988YAC6
A-2C 66988YAD4
A-2D 66988YAE2
M-1 66988YAF9
M-2 66988YAG7
M-3 66988YAH5
M-4 66988YAJ1
M-5 66988YAK8
M-6 66988YAL6
M-7 66988YAM4
M-8 66988YAN2
M-9 66988YAP7
M-10 66988YAQ5


A-1A 66988RAA5
A-2A 66988RAB3
A-2B 66988RAC1
A-2C 66988RAD9
A-2D 66988RAE7
M-1 66988RAF4
M-2 66988RAG2
M-3 66988RAH0
M-4 66988RAJ6
M-5 66988RAK3
M-6 66988RAL1
M-7 66988RAM9
M-8 66988RAN7
M-9 66988RAP2
M-10 66988RAQ0
M-11 66988RAR8


A-1A 669971AA1
A-2A1 669971AB9
A-2A2 669971AS2
A-2B 669971AC7
A-2C 669971AD5
A-2D 669971AE3
M-1 669971AF0
M-2 669971AG8
M-3 669971AH6
M-4 669971AJ2
M-5 669971AK9
M-6 669971AL7
M-7 669971AM5
M-8 669971AN3
M-9 669971BD4


A-1A 66989EAA3
A-2A 66989EAB1
A-2B 66989EAC9
A-2C 66989EAD7
A-2D 66989EAE5
M-1 66989EAF2
M-2 66989EAG0
M-3 66989EAH8
M-4 66989EAJ4
M-5 66989EAK1
M-6 66989EAL9
M-7 66989EAM7
M-8 66989EAN5
M-9 66989EAP0

The eligible purchase time period for each Series:

  • NMFT 2006-3: From the initial offering, on or about June 2006, through and including May 21, 2008.
  • NMFT 2006-4: From the initial offering, on or about August 2006, through and including May 21, 2008.
  • NMFT 2006-5: From the initial offering, on or about September 2006, through and including May 21, 2008.
  • NMFT 2006-6: From the initial offering, on or about November 2006, through and including May 21, 2008.
  • NMFT 2007-1: From the initial offering, on or about February 2007, through and including May 21, 2008.
  • NMFT 2007-2: From the initial offering, on or about May 2007, through and including May 21, 2008.

Tables are available on the Important Documents page, listing full details on the Factors, Dates of First Suit, and Original Principal Balance for every Offering and CUSIP.

If you are providing a list of names and addresses to the Claims Administrator:

  1. Compile a list of names and addresses of the beneficial owners who purchased or otherwise acquired the Certificates before May 21, 2008.
  2. Prepare the list in Microsoft Excel format. A preformatted spreadsheet can be found by clicking here.
  3. Then you must do one of the following:

    1. Burn the Microsoft Excel file(s) to a CD or DVD and mail the CD or DVD to:

      NovaStar MBS Litigation
      Settlement Administrator
      P.O. Box 4098
      Portland, OR 97208-4098

    2. Email the spreadsheet to; or
    3. Upload the spreadsheet here.

If you are mailing the Notice Packet to beneficial owners:

Request the needed number of copies of the Notice Packet via email to You must mail the Notice Packets to the beneficial owners within fourteen (14) calendar days of your receipt of the Notice Packets.

If you have any questions, contact the Claims Administrator at or by calling 1-844-304-3488.

If you are filing electronic claims:

A nominee may also submit a Proof of Claim Form on behalf of multiple clients who are beneficial owners by using the links below.

Click here to download the Proof of Claim Form.

Click here to download a properly formatted spreadsheet for submitting your transactions.

You may upload your master Proof of Claim Form and completed spreadsheet online here.

Important Dates

  • August 16, 2017
    Receipt Deadline to Exclude Yourself
  • August 30, 2017
    Receipt Deadline to Object
  • September 6, 2017
    Postmark Deadline to Submit Proof of Claim Form
  • TBD
    Final Approval Hearing